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Can I Use - Adapter Capabilities

Preset Wallets

These preset wallets will be displayed as Popular on our kit modal by default.

If you are a wallet developer and want to list your wallet below, feel free to contact our team 🥳 Twitter@suiet_wallet

For Dapp Developers

Can I Use with xxx Wallet?

Due to the adapter difference of each wallet, we present a function comparison table among wallet adapters.


Due to the presense of new @mysten/wallet-standard (v0.5.0), we are working on updating the statistics. Please stay tuned 🥳


Remember to handle exceptional cases if some wallet adapters do not support certain features.

Hook useWallet

Suiet Wallet
Sui Wallet
Ethos Wallet

For Wallet Developers

How to integrate with Suiet Kit?

Please make sure your wallet supports the @mysten/wallet-standard v0.5.0 and above.

Specifically, in order to be auto-detected and recognized as a standard wallet on Sui by our kit, you need to implement the following features in your wallet adapter:

// a valid wallet adapter should have the following features
// ...
features: {
"standard:connect": () => {},
"standard:events": () => {},
"sui:signAndExecuteTransactionBlock": () => {},

How to list my wallet on Suiet Kit?

You can contact our team via Twitter@suiet_wallet to list your wallet on Suiet Kit.

Or submit a PR to our repo, modify the following files:

// packages/kit/src/wallet/preset-wallets/presets.ts
export enum PresetWallet {
// ... resgisted wallet enum
// note that this name should match with your wallet adapter's name
// for auto detection and display purposes
YOUR_WALLET = "Your Wallet",

export const YourWallet = defineWallet({
name: PresetWallet.YOUR_WALLET,
iconUrl: 'base64 encoded image (recommended, optimize the size!!) / external url',
downloadUrl: {
browserExtension: 'chrome extension installation url',
// packages/kit/src/wallet/preset-wallets/index.ts
export const AllDefaultWallets = [
// ... registed wallets
].sort((a, b) => < ? -1 : 1),