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Quick Start

Hello my friend πŸ‘‹ Welcome onboard πŸ›³

Suiet wallet kit is a wallet aggregator for DApps to interact with all the wallets in SuiπŸ’§ ecosystem easily. πŸ₯³

Let's try our kit and empower your dapp in minutes. πŸͺ„

⭐️ Have fun with Demo Playground + Example repo

πŸ”¨ Setup​

First of all, let's install the npm package @suiet/wallet-kit to your project.

npm package:

npm install @suiet/wallet-kit
# or
yarn add @suiet/wallet-kit
# or
pnpm install @suiet/wallet-kit

Then wrap your <App /> with our context provider, so that our hooks can work nicely inside your dapp.

Oh don't forget to import our css to enable default styles 🎨

import { WalletProvider } from '@suiet/wallet-kit';
import '@suiet/wallet-kit/style.css';

// take react@18 project as an example
<App />

By default, suiet kit will load all the preset wallets to the listπŸ’‘

πŸ•Ή Place ConnectButton​


We recommend to use hooks together with our components. But if you want to use our hooks only with your customized UI components, follow the instruction #Use Hooks Only

Just import our <ConnectButton /> and place it to wherever you like, such as Header.

import { ConnectButton } from '@suiet/wallet-kit';

const App = () => {
return (
<ConnectButton />
<... />

πŸͺ Use Wallet Capabilities​

After your dapp connects to a wallet that supports Sui wallet-standard, your dapp is already empowered and able to call wallet capabilities.πŸŽ‰

Please explore the docs for further usage information πŸ’‘

import { useWallet } from '@suiet/wallet-kit';

const App = () => {
const wallet = useWallet()

useEffect(() => {
if (!wallet.connected) return;
console.log('connected wallet name: ',
console.log('account address: ', wallet.account?.address)
console.log('account publicKey: ', wallet.account?.publicKey)
}, [wallet.connected])

async function handleExecuteMoveCall() {
await wallet.executeMoveCall(...);
async function handleExecuteTransaction() {
await wallet.signAndExecuteTransaction(...);
async function handleSignMessage() {
await wallet.signMessage(...);

return (<.../>)

Continue to BUIDL your amazing dapp and join the incoming Sui-nami! 🌊

πŸ“š More Tutorials​

Check out this section: #Tutorials

πŸ’§ Demo Playground​

Feel free to play with our Demo Playground πŸ”— (Github repo)

🀝 Trusted by great Sui projects​