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Use Hooks Only (without UI)

This section will introduce how to only use the provided hooks.

It could be useful when you want to customize your UI components together with our hooks.

Customize your UI components with Kit Hooks

Firstly, add WalletProvider to wrap your App. The WalletProvider component provides the context of data and functions.

For customizing the default wallet list, check WalletProvider

import { WalletProvider } from '@suiet/wallet-kit';

function RootComponent() {
return (
<App />

Next, you are supposed to have a connect button for wallet connection and a display area for account info after connection.

In this case, you can manage these two components by connected status from useWallet hook. And get active account address after connected.

import {useWallet} from '@suiet/wallet-kit';
import {useState, useEffect} from "react";

function App() {
const wallet = useWallet();

return (
{wallet.connected ? <AccountInfo address={wallet?.address} /> : <ConnectButton />}

For your wallet-select modal component, let's just call it WalletSelector.

You can use select method from useWallet hook to connect the one of the SUI wallets.

import { useWallet } from '@suiet/wallet-kit';

function WalletSelector() {
const {
select, // select
configuredWallets, // default wallets
detectedWallets, // Sui-standard wallets detected from browser env
allAvailableWallets, // all the installed Sui-standard wallets
} = useWallet();

return [...configuredWallets, ...detectedWallets].map((wallet) => (
onClick={() => {
// check if user installed the wallet
if (!wallet.installed) {
// do something like guiding users to install
Connect to {}