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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Property '#private' in type 'TransactionBlock' refers to a different member that cannot be accessed from within type 'TransactionBlock'.

A: This error happens when the version of package @mysten/sui.js DOES NOT match with the peerDependency version in @suiet/wallet-kit.

Because our wallet kit externalizes the @mysten/sui.js package, it is necessary to make sure the version of @mysten/sui.js is the same as the peerDependency version in @suiet/wallet-kit.

For example, in the following package.json,

"dependencies": {
"@mysten/sui.js": "0.41.2",
"@suiet/wallet-kit": "0.2.22"
  • The version of @mysten/sui.js is 0.41.2
  • The version of @suiet/wallet-kit is 0.2.22 which requires @mysten/sui.js version to be 0.45.1

    You can confirm this by looking into the peerDependency section of the package.json of @suiet/wallet-kit

So you need to upgrade the version of @mysten/sui.js to 0.45.1 in this case.

Q: Having trouble in bundling due to the typings of @mysten/bcs?

The error Type parameter declaration expected looks like this:

node_modules/@mysten/bcs/dist/bcs.d.ts:105:11 - error TS1139: Type parameter declaration expected.

105 tuple<const Types extends readonly BcsType<any, any>[]>(types: Types, options?: BcsTypeOptions<{ -readonly [K in keyof Types]: Types[K] extends BcsType<infer T_4, any> ? T_4 : never; }, { [K_1 in keyof Types]: Types[K_1] extends BcsType<any, infer T_5> ? T_5 : never; }> | undefined): BcsType<{ -readonly [K_2 in keyof Types]: Types[K_2] extends BcsType<infer T_6, any> ? T_6 : never; }, { [K_3 in keyof Types]: Types[K_3] extends BcsType<any, infer T_7> ? T_7 : never; }>;

Relevant Issue:

A: This is because the const parameter declarations used in @mysten/bcs were added in typescript v5.0. So you need to upgrade the version of typescript npm package to 5.0 or higher.