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Upgrade to v0.2.x

Attention everyone 📣 We are happy to embrace the available Sui Release 0.29 for devnet 🥳

This release includes a lot of new features and bug fixes, and unfortunately, many breaking changes as well 🥲

But don't worry, we have prepared a migration guide for you and your dapp to upgrade to this version smoothly ❤️

We recommend all users to upgrade to this version 📣


For more details of migration guide to Sui Release 0.28, check out Sui docs

For Dapp Developers

[Major breaking change] - signAndExecuteTransaction in useWallet

We've changed the signAndExecuteTransaction method to signAndExecuteTransactionBlock due to the changes in Sui sdk and rpc API

Also, the input type of signAndExecuteTransactionBlock has been changed from SignableTransaction to TransactionBlock to match the new API.


For a detailed migration guide of building transactionBlocks, check out Sui docs

+ import {TransactionBlock} from "@mysten/sui.js";

async function handleMintNftMoveCall() {
- const data = {
- packageObjectId: '0x2',
- module: 'devnet_nft',
- function: 'mint',
- typeArguments: [],
- arguments: [
- 'name',
- 'capy',
- '',
- ],
- };
+ const tx = new TransactionBlock();
+ tx.moveCall({
+ target: '0x2::devnet_nft::mint',
+ arguments: [
+ tx.pure('name'),
+ tx.pure('capy'),
+ tx.pure(''),
+ ],
+ })

- await wallet.signAndExecuteTransaction({
- transaction: {
- kind: 'moveCall',
- data
- }
+ await wallet.signAndExecuteTransactionBlock({
+ transactionBlock: tx

[Major breaking change] - signMessage in useWallet

From now on, the signMessage method becomes a standard method in @mysten/wallet-standard since 0.5.0 version.

The breaking change here is the output type has been changed as follows:

// output type of signMessage
- signedMessage: number[];
+ messageBytes: string;
- signature: number[];
+ signature: string;

[New feature] - signTransaction in useWallet

Sui wallet standard now supports signing transactions . You can use the signTransaction method to sign a transaction and get the signature.

async function handleSignTransaction() {
const tx = new TransactionBlock();
target: '0x2::nft::mint',
arguments: [

// get the signature of the transaction
const {signature, transactionBytes} = await wallet.signTransactionBlock({
transactionBlock: tx,

[Deprecated] - executeMoveCall in useWallet

use signAndExecuteTransactionBlock instead of executeMoveCall in useWallet hook. API Reference

[Deprecated] - getPublicKey in useWallet

use getAccount instead of getPublicKey in useWallet hook. API Reference

[Deprecated] - wallet in useWallet

use adapter instead of wallet in useWallet hook. API Reference

[Deprecated] - supportedWallets in useWallet

Removed. If you want to configure default wallets, check out Here

For Wallet Developers

[Major breaking change] - new wallet standard

The mysten wallet standard has been updated to version 0.5.0.

So make sure your wallet adapter supports it, otherwise our kit will not detect your wallet as valid ones.

For more of integration details, check out How to integrate with Suiet Kit?