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Upgrade to v0.1.x

Upgrade command: npm install @suiet/wallet-kit@0.1

You can replace npm with the package mananger you are using(e.g. npm, yarn, pnpm, etc)

Breaking changes:

wallet-standard updated the signAndExecuteTransaction structure

wallet-standard updated the signAndExecuteTransaction api, you will need to put previous input of signAndExecuteTransaction under transaction field instead

export function Transaction() {
const { signAndExecuteTransaction } = useWallet();

const handleClick = async () => {
// the following example comes from sui wallet official example.
await signAndExecuteTransaction({
+ transaction:{
kind: 'moveCall',
data: {
packageObjectId: '0x2',
module: 'devnet_nft',
function: 'mint',
typeArguments: [],
arguments: [
gasBudget: 10000,
+ }

return <button onClick={() => handleClick()}>send transaction</button>;

deprecated supportedWallets in WalletProvider

If you still bypassing supportedWallets, it will not break your code but also take no effect. You will see an warning message in the console.

We have deprecated WalletProvider input supportedWallets in v0.1.1. You will no longer need to pass supportedWallets to the provider

import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
+ import { useWallet } from '@suiet/wallet-kit';
- import { getDefaultWallets, useWallet } from '@suiet/wallet-kit';

- const supportedWallets = getDefaultWallets();

function Root() {
+ <WalletProvider>
- <WalletProvider supportedWallets={supportedWallets}>
<App />

ReactDOM.render(<Root />, docoument.getElementById('root'));

If you want to customize your wallet list, see tutorial for details #customize-your-wallet-list

internal changes(doesn't affect your code)

Support new sui MIST unit

read more:

With the update of MIST, now 100,000,000 SUI becomes 1 SUI. We have made adjustments in the balance display in UI components.

And if you are using the useAccountBalance hook, you the balance you got will also change to smallest unit, MIST. You can manually convert it to SUI by dividing 1000,000,000.

deprecated wallet-adapter logic to connect wallets, use wallet-standard instead

Now all major wallets in Sui ecosystem have adjusted the new wallet-standard, so we removed the support for the old wallet-adapter logic.